What Social Media Platforms Should Real Estate Agents Use

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Social Media Platforms for real estate agents

New or Seasoned Social Media can help

At Colt B Solutions we specialize in helping real estate agents find their voice in the market. We wanted to help all agents with determining the right social media platform for them. By determining the best social media platform you can grow your real estate business without paying for expensive ads. Social media can also take up a lot of your time, but that is a worthwhile investment in your business. This is why it is crucial to understand which platforms you should be using for your business whether you are new to the game or a hardened veteran of the industry.

All the Platforms Mapped Out

There are 3 main platforms, and I am sure you are already aware of them. That is Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. For starters make sure you claim a profile on every social medium. We are also going to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each platform.


Facebook for Realtors is essential. It is where you can build a community, connect with new clients, re-engage previous clients, and start a referral engine that takes you where you want to go. Facebook can be great for listing properties, finding interested buyers, and even prospecting to FSBO property owners.

To utilize Facebook to the fullest extent you will want to create a good mix of picture and video content. It does not always have to be a new listing. You can talk about the market, update clients on best practices, and create non-real estate-related, but entertaining posts. The main drawback to Facebook is 2 fold. To really get discovered you will need paid ads, and you need to be constantly posting engaging and interesting content to stay at the top of your audience's timeline. To combat that you can invite your friends and existing network to like/share your page.


Instagram is for visual aesthetics. If you are already taking stunning property pictures then why not post to Instagram? Instagram unlike Facebook is absolutely amazing for discoverability. To get the most out of Instagram you will want to create well-informed captions with 1-3 Relevant Hashtags (to your area). While it might seem easier to default to #RealEstate #Realtor #RE those may not be relevant to your local audience. Don't get me wrong, you will still use those hashtags, but I recommend using your City/County's Hashtags as well as one's relevant to your industry.

Anything you post on Instagram can be very easily syndicated to Facebook all you will need to do is connect your accounts, and boom you're done. This will help save you time and energy. If you run out of content ideas you can always default to showing your city's scenery or talking about fun things to do in the area.

The main drawback for Instagram is it is less about community and more about content. Use it as a reminder to show your clients you are still around and available to serve them and their needs. As well as encourage anyone with an inquiry to DM you.


Twitter is a hard one for realtors to get a grasp on, but it can be beneficial. One of our marketing tools at Colt B Solutions, helps businesses search for local keywords by other Twitter users in a 25-mile radius. This means you can have the keyword "Want to sell my house" and that content will be delivered to your email so you can engage with that prospect. Other than that, Twitter is great for social listening as well as keeping up with Trends. Twitter is also great for creating and building an audience very similar to Instagram. You will just need to refine your Hashtag game a little as Twitter has a character limit. It can also be a great place to network with other realtors. The main drawback to Twitter is it is hard to really find your voice at first. It can be daunting without a lot of followers and low engagement.


While I did say the previous social media platforms were the big three we tend to forget about LinkedIn as a whole, but we shouldn't. LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. More or less you could potentially find real estate investors or property managers that might need a little bit of your expertise. Those are relationships that will keep on giving. Growing your network on LinkedIn is as easy as sending a connection request. Look for people in the same industry and build from there.

What Is the Best Platform?

If I am being blatantly honest, Facebook still reigns supreme as the best platform for both ROI and engagement. Again though, it is not the only platform out there. Give yourself time to build out your profiles. See what content is working best for you and keep growing. If you would like a tool that makes handling social media that much easier feel free to check out our link for your very own free social media planning tool.

Social Media on Autopilot

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