What is Meme Marketing?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Meme Marketing for Content and Growth

To answer the first question on your mind. Meme marketing is the use of memes (images that are typically repeated with a caption and following a theme) for your business's growth. Something that seemed unnecessary 10 years ago is now at the forefront of business content growth. See the previous article written on how to leverage memes for growth. Trust me, this is the easiest way to boost your social media and create engaging content with very low effort. You could spend roughly 30 minutes making a month's worth of memes to share. The trick is, you don't want to overdo it. Also, you have to find your brand's theme. Just like with a blog or video memes need to resonate with your audience.

Creating content for your social media platforms can be a tiresome and daunting process. Getting off-topic for a second. When it comes to social media you do not want to post a bunch of stuff all at once and then go radio silent for a few weeks. A lot of times this radio silence can be attributed to writer's block, lacking time to create content or a combination of both. This is where meme marketing comes in.

Creating a lot in little time

Like I said earlier you can probably churn out a month's worth of meme posts in 30 minutes. The best part? You could keep all of these posts as a backup or just schedule each of your 20-30 posts twice a week to keep your social media pages fresh. Another thing to consider is, you don't have to overcomplicate your meme strategy. One business that does this very well is Dunkin' Donuts

Look at how simple and relatable this is. It is something that catches my attention. It promotes the product quickly and effortlessly. I also would probably share this myself because I am a huge lover of all things fall. You can even copy this for your own brand. If you're a coffee brand you can use this exact meme and use your own stuff. You can retune it to fit your needs. The great thing about memes is they are made to be copied/repeated, but not stolen. While it might feel weird if you are new to memes take a look at what your competitors are doing on social media and use those as a solid frame of reference.

When to use Meme Marketing

I wouldn't recommend memes be your main form of content to gain traction. While it is a great way depending on your industry it can miss more than it hits. I would use it when you are having content blocks or when you want to retest your engagement. If you see your post engagement start to dip then you might not be creating enough "entertaining" content. Another thing to note memes are extremely versatile. Meaning you can post them on all the major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, interest, and sometimes LinkedIn (use your better judgment when posting to LinkedIn). Another thing to note and why you should check out the article above is that not every meme is going to be "appropriate" for your customer base. In fact, one business I saw got absolutely demolished by making a meme of a train hitting a bus as their sponsored post. You don't want to do this unless it's on-brand. If you're a risk-taking insurance agency that might be the perfect meme for you. Just use your better judgment. Test the waters with friends, family, or colleagues if you are ever unsure.

Keeping Content Fresh

One of the main benefits of meme marketing is keeping your content fresh. That is the primary component. The next is creating content that is more likely to be engaged with. While I might not share an article on the 5 ways you can get financing for a home loan, I might share a meme akin to this.

While this might not resonate with everyone on my personal feed. My friends that are in real estate would get a kick out of it. It's relatable and comical enough. This was a broad example, and it was a meme I made in 30 seconds for this example. If you know your memes and you know your brand. I challenge you after you stop reading this article to go to imgflip.com and try to make 4-5 memes. They do not have to be the best ever. You just need to try to get used to making them on a platform.

If you want to schedule your memes in advance then you should be using a social media content calendar. Luckily at Colt B Solutions we offer one for free just use the link below and we will get yours activated.

Social Media Content Calendar

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