SEO VS Digital Ads

Updated: Oct 20, 2021


Diet and Exercise

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your diet, and Digital Ads are your workout. You only achieve results from a good diet, but you see noticeable gains when you start digital ads. The difference is that with digital ads, much like working out, it is not sustainable without also working on your diet (SEO). To put it bluntly, all new businesses have to have digital ads, but you need to work on your SEO in the meantime. Getting to that first page or rank 1 of google will maximize your ROI and is more challenging for your competitors to beat. They can outspend you on ads, but they can’t get the framework down for SEO faster than you can.

Finding Your Budget

My recommendation is always to go with a healthy marketing budget and start with a higher budget on ads and slowly increase the SEO budget as we begin to see the ads performing more efficiently. The ad campaigns need time to learn your audience to maximize your ROI. With a six-month plan, we can get your Ads off the ground and get a healthy conversion rate while working on SEO, so we start getting that direct search traffic.

Having someone manage your SEO and Digital Ad campaigns is like having a personal trainer. Sure, you can diet and exercise on your own, but is it effective? Are you able to manage your backlinks and check your conversion rate? If you are, then fantastic! Keep at it and carry on. The actual consideration is how time-consuming those two tasks are. Spending 20 hours a month optimizing ad strategies and search engine optimization, or you could focus those efforts on your business or even have some spare free time.

Benefits of SEO and Digital Ads

Every business can benefit from SEO and digital ads. The difference is finding the best strategy to propel you for success. If you are a service area business, you wouldn’t need to rank first 50 miles outside your service area. Similarly, if you are an eCommerce business, we need to focus on shorter tail keywords to get your rank up and build trust with search engines. While running digital ads, we can start targeting new customers and increasing engagement while running retargeting campaigns to get those former or potential customers right back to your shop or service.

Don’t let the competition outspend or outrank you. Contact us today for a consult!

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