How to be Successful in Real Estate without Social Media

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

As a digital marketing agency specializing in the real estate sector, we work with plenty of agents. One question that always comes up is whether or not an agent needs social media. While it can be helpful, it is not always necessary. It does seem like every agent is on social media now, but there are ways to be successful without it and we will flesh those ways out in this article.

Local SEO

Real estate agents work largely in local markets. Typically agents will also have a website, if you don't then I recommend you make one today or have someone do it for you. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is how Google and other search engines (bing and yahoo etc) rank your website when users search for your industry. You will be devising a keyword strategy, optimizing your website for SEO, and focusing on on-page and technical SEO for a while. As well as Off-page SEO. If you keep at it or hire someone to do it you should see results within 4 months. That is organic search results, meaning it was basically a free lead. We can use this to our advantage and target both Buyers and Sellers, with a stronger emphasis on Sellers. One of our partners was ranking on the first page of Google in their market with 48 different keywords. That's a lot of searches.

Email Marketing

Maybe not exactly what you were expecting in an article about being successful in real estate without social media, but email marketing is incredibly profitable. If you already have a customer base and they're loaded into your CRM. I recommend creating a few nurture campaigns that will be sent out automatically. You could see if some of your past clients are in the mood to sell, see if anyone is looking for a second home or investment, or just ask for a referral. states that for every $1 spent on email marketing there is a $42 return on investment. That is an amazing metric. If you aren't using a CRM we offer a substantial service to create email marketing automation, SMS sequences and automation, and much more. Click on this link to learn more about our CRM services

Funnel Building

If you aren't familiar with the term a funnel, or web funnel is a special landing page or website that exists outside of your regular website. You use this specifically for conversions and it is typically linked to a form of digital advertisement (we will talk about that below). Some websites offer landing pages, but few offer full funnels. A funnel is built around walking an interested buyer through steps of the sales process all within a few web clicks. They are truly amazing and the culture around "funnel hacking" is huge.

Here is an example of a funnel we use to get leads:

Digital Advertisments

Digital ads are a necessity if we are trying to be successful in real estate without social media. Digital ads are a blanket term for any type of ad that appears online. Typically Google, youtube, Instagram, or Facebook. We can ignore the last two since they aren't applicable in this regard. What we can do is focus a lot of our attention on local google searches. Also yes you can target geographically down to the zip code, so your traffic will be specific to your location. Subsequently, you can use listing websites like Realtor/Zillow, but I don't recommend you use your entire marketing budget on those platforms. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Other Notable ways to be successful

Set up your GMB (google my business) profile. If it is already set up you should work to optimize it. It is a robust tool that can help with discoverability. Contribute to local real estate forums and events. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce and get in touch with local vendors in the contracting, insurance, and mortgage space. Join a networking group. There are a lot of ways to be successful in real estate without social media, you just need to find out what will work for you!

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